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If You Haven't Worn Polar Fleece This Winter, You're out of Date!

If You Haven't Worn Polar Fleece This Winter, You're out of Date!

Feb 12,2022
specific characteristics and dressing suggestions of polar fleece fabric
The polar fleece fabric is light but warm, soft, and comfortable, so you no longer have to worry about your image being affected by being bulky in winter. The ingredients of polar fleece are generally all polyester. In the manufacturing process of polar fleece fabrics, there is a process called polar fleece, which is to form a small spherical particle effect on the surface, so that it is not easy to lose hair and pilling. Next, let's talk about the specific characteristics and dressing suggestions of polar fleece fabrics.

Polar fleece fabric was also selected as one of the top 100 inventions of the 20th century by TIME magazine. This revolutionary cold-resistant clothing fabric was officially invented and introduced to the market in 1981 by the American company Malden Mills Industries (renamed Polartec after bankruptcy and reorganization).

Fabrics made of natural fibers such as wool and cotton need to be thickened to keep out the cold in cold weather. This will make your clothes bloated, and your mobility will be inconvenient. It will be very uncomfortable when exposed to water and damp, and the warmth will be greatly reduced.

Polar fleece made of polyester fibers (man-made fibers), although created to imitate the properties of wool, fills some of the shortcomings of wool. Not only is it lighter in weight, softer, and skin-friendly, and it's extremely easy to clean, under the same conditions, polar fleece is Merino wool is 2 times the cold resistance and 4 times that of cotton.

Polar fleece is also hydrophobic and dries quickly in contact with water, keeping it relatively dry even in humid environments. Plus, polar fleece is a good alternative for those with allergies to wool or animal fibers.

A sweater made of fleece is the best fashion item for keeping warm. It is recommended not to choose a style that is too long for a fleece jacket. Because the clothing made of fleece has a large drape, the silhouette is not as good as a woolen coat, especially in the style of a long coat, there is no sense of "shape".

The most versatile fleece jacket version is short and mid-thigh. If you want to get rid of this small shortcoming of the "lazy drape" of polar fleece, it is mainly necessary to coordinate with the matching of the inner lining and the pants.

The wearing of polar fleece removes the bloated appearance, and the winter collocation becomes easy to use. Wearing a sweater inside does not look "fat", simple and warm.

In addition, because the shape of the fleece is relatively limited, the inner layer should not be too loose. Choose a sweater with a slim fit, such as a turtleneck sweater, which is a good choice, which will keep you warm without being fat. In terms of dressing, as long as you keep the principle of "narrow inside and narrow down".

Of course, if there is only one T-shirt inside, it may be too inhumane for the little friends in the north. Therefore, in addition to the hoodies above, don't be stingy with warmer items such as sweaters and knitted sweaters. However, sweaters and fleece feel similar to each other. They are all too mild items, and they will inevitably lose some sense of style.

In today's era of pursuing individuality and trends, in order to meet the market and aesthetic needs, polar fleece is no longer just plain color "marketing", and major brands also have " Keep pace with the times” improvement.

For example, in Carhartt WIP's 2018 autumn and winter new products, the iconic tooling style of the brand has also used polar fleece fabrics, and the thermal function and American tooling style "have both".

Uniqlo will launch polar fleece items every season. It is precise because of the soft and practical characteristics of polar fleece that this comfortable, warm and affordable material has become one of UNIQLO's signature products.

In the UNIQLO U series, on the basis of the original warmth of the fleece, the colors and styles of the clothes are also more abundant, and the design has also been upgraded. For example, a more contoured jacket was launched, which solved the criticism that the polar fleece was difficult to hold up.

In addition, UNIQLO also introduced HEATTECH technology on the polar fleece fabric, which has a more outstanding thermal insulation effect, improving the texture and feel; the high-neck T-shirts and round-neck sports tops worn inside are more comfortable.

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