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Sherpa Fabric Wholesale

Sherpa Fabric Wholesale

We supply knitting Sherpa fabrics wholesale including Sherpa Fleece Fabric,Printed Sherpa Fabric,Sheep Sherpa Fabric,Teddy Sherpa Fabric,Double Sided Sherpa Fabric to meet your needs. 

We can also offer custom colors based on quantity -- all at wholesale pricing.High-quality flannelette fabric is widely used in fashionable dress, lining,home textiles, sweaters, sportswear,casual wear,  pajamas, shoe materials,bedding, sofa cushions, cushions, pillows, bags, underwear, toys, etc. , color diversity, super comfortable feel, skin soft, antisepsis, comfortable to wear Sherpa fabric so smooth, the lines are clear, the product is thick good warmth retention. The hand is soft, no hair, can not stand the ball, the style is diversified. 

Sherpa fabric is similar to the polar fleece fabric, but also filamentous fluffy, preferably warm. Compared to the polar fleece fabric, there is equivalent plush, warm and environmentally friendly, but the cost is low-cost, and the price is easier to control in the production process. The market gradually becomes a reasonable alternative to the polar fleece fabric.
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