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Polar Fleece Fabric Wholesale

Polar Fleece Fabric Wholesale

We supply knitting fleece fabrics wholesale including Micro Fleece Fabric,Polar Fleece Brushed Fabric,Double Sided Polar Fleece Fabric,Polar Fleece Anti-pilling Fabric,Double Sided Polar Fleece Anti-pilling Fabric,Polar Fleece Print Fabric,Polar Fleece Melange Fabric,Polar Fleece Spun Fabric to meet your needs. 

We can also offer custom colors based on quantity -- all at Wholesale Pricing. polar fleece fabrics are widely used in fashionable dress, lining,home textiles, sweaters, sportswear,casual wear,pajamas,shoe materials,bedding,sofa cushions,cushions,pillows,bags,underwear,toys,etc., autumn and winter fleece fabric. Cold resistance and warmth preservation,comfortable,healthy and harmless.

Polar fleece fabric has high color fastness to achieve industry standards,no harmful substances,durable balls,very low water washing ratio clean cloth surface, clear texture, the particles are small and clear,and can be used as face cloth,dense, warm, elastic, soft to the touch, not easy to shed hair, anti-static, good color fastness, anti-pilling...
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