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Polyester Woven Fabric Wholesale

Polyester Woven Fabric Wholesale

We supply polyester woven fabrics wholesale including Waterproof Taffeta Fabric with PVC Coating,Waterproof Oxford Fabric with PA/PU Coating,100% Polyester twill fabric,Fake Memory Fabric,Sleeve & Pocket Lining to meet your needs.

We can also offer custom colors based on quantity -- all at Wholesale Pricing.polyester woven fabrics are widely used in garment,suit lining,luggage,tent,car cover,umbrella,sleeve,pocket,suit, down jacket lining.The main advantage of the polyester woven fabric is that the structure is stable, the layout is flat, suitable for various types of cutting methods.There are many varieties of fabric color. As the garment lining, the washing resistance is good, and refurbished, dry cleaning and various kinds of finishing. 

Finally, these fabrics work better with our knitted fabrics.
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