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How to Wash Fleece Fabrics and Keep It Soft?

How to Wash Fleece Fabrics and Keep It Soft?

Jun 15,2022
When it comes to how to wash fleece fabrics, you need to be careful. Improper washing can cause a loss of softness and cause items to look dirty and old. Using a few basic guidelines can help keep it looking its best.

How to wash fleece for best results?

Before throwing wool blankets or fleece clothing in the washing machine, read the clothing care label to make sure you're following the correct instructions. If there is no label, then some general washing and drying instructions will help you clean and care for your fleece. Be careful not to wash items too often; wash only when needed to help keep things soft and fluffy.

1. Separate your clothing so that only items of fleece are kept together. It also helps to sort by similar items, so keep blankets of similar weight together, clothes together, etc.

2. Check for stains. If so, you should:

Topically treat the stain with detergent or a small amount of mild dish soap.

Let the treated stain soak in cold water for 10 to 15 minutes.

Instead of rubbing the stain, press with an old t-shirt or soft sponge so you can absorb the stain rather than embedding it further into the blanket or clothing.

3. Gently roll a lint roller over items before placing them in the machine to help collect larger dust, lint, and grime before washing.

4. Turn the clothes inside out.

5. Choose a gentle or subtle cycle on your machine.

6. The water temperature should be set to cool.

7. Add mild or mild laundry detergent to the washing machine in the minimum amount needed. Do not use bleach even if the item is white. This is too harsh and will ruin your fleece blanket. Skip fabric softener to protect wool fibers.

8. When the washing machine has finished its cycle, take it out to dry immediately.


Empty jacket, shirt, and trouser pockets before washing. As before, turn the garment inside out and make sure the zipper on the jacket and hoodie is closed. If the hoodie or pants have drawstrings, you'll want to make sure they are tucked inside the garment before putting them in the washing machine.

How to dry fleece fabrics?

After washing the fleece, it's time to dry it. If the care label says you can tumble dry, choose no heat and put the item in the dryer. If your item doesn't have a care label, or you're not sure if it's dryer safe, hang it outside or on a drying rack. Additional care tips for maintaining the softness and shape of pile fabrics include:

Heat can damage fleece fabrics, so you want to avoid it.

If there is fluff, you can use a fabric shaver, but make sure you've practiced on old wool items before using it for what you want to keep.

Avoid ironing your woolen items to keep your blankets or clothing in good condition and soft.

You will need to wash the wool occasionally as it gets dirty and removes dust and lint. Read the label and follow laundry tips to make sure it looks and feels great. If you have questions or want to buy fleece fabrics, please contact us.

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