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As our advantage & characteristic product

As our advantage & characteristic product

Sep 11,2021
As our advantage & characteristic  product

Our bonding fabrics are mainly including Soft Shell Bonding Fleece Fabric,Fleece Bonding Fleece Fabric,Fleece Bonding Jersey Fabric,Fleece Bonding Print Fabric to meet your needs.

Also,Could offer custom colors and bonding designs based on quantity -- all at Wholesale Pricing. Bonding knit fabrics are made of ultra-fine fibers in specific textile machining and unique dyeing, processed by "composite" equipment.have a high-tech and new materials for "new combination", with many excellent performance (compared to ordinary adhesive), 
such as fabric much more delicate,elegant, warm, fabric appearance , Windproof, breathable, with certain waterproof functions, main characteristics are warm, breathable.

The composite knitted fabric features: good wear resistance, ultra-fine fiber fabric hand is soft, breathable, moisture, and have a significant advantage.