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Pay Attention To The Maintenance Of Knitted Fabrics

Pay Attention To The Maintenance Of Knitted Fabrics

Mar 17,2022
Knitted garments are very practical and fashionable things that almost every woman likes to wear in the cold season. The knitted fabric is breathable, hygroscopic, and wrinkle-resistant. Due to these properties, many people opt for knitted clothing as it does not restrict our movement and is warmer than other clothing.

However, improper care can make a knitted sweater look less beautiful. Don't be sad if you find that your favorite knitted sweater has lost its vibrant color or has become too baggy. With these tips on how to care for your knitted garments, your knitwear will look as fresh as ever after wearing it for a long time!

1. Read the label

This is the first thing you should do when buying knitted clothing. The label will give you specific information and instructions on how to clean, dry, and iron the garment. On the label, you can see what fabric the clothes are made of, and different knitted fabrics use different maintenance methods. If there is no label, you can always consult the relevant service provider.

2. Wash

You should wash knitted garments separately from all other garments, without pre-soaking. Choose a detergent designed for washing knitted garments. Because they are bleach-free, they are more friendly to knitted fabrics. If you hand wash clothes, never add detergent directly to the fabric, as this can easily damage color and texture. Whether you choose to hand wash or machine wash, be sure to rinse knitted garments thoroughly afterward to prevent static electricity.

3. Dry knitted fabrics

Shrinkage and stretch are two common problems with natural fabrics due to improper drying. Never put knitted garments in the dryer. It is best to let it air dry naturally. It is recommended that you place wet knitted clothing between two towels to quickly absorb excess moisture. It is best not to hang the sweater, it will accelerate his deformation.

4. Properly store your knitted items

The shelf of the wardrobe is the best place to store knitted clothes. Put something with dehumidification and deodorization between each layer. Lavender and cedar are used to keep knitted fabrics fresh and prevent insect growth. Never use hangers if you want to keep your clothes from getting out of shape.

5. Repair of knitted fabrics

Whenever you find a tiny hole in your cute sweater, don't be disappointed! You can re-sew it or re-knit it. You can do it yourself or consult us, we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

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