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Why Are Hacci Knitted Fabrics So Popular?

Why Are Hacci Knitted Fabrics So Popular?

Jul 4,2022
Hacci knitted fabrics are usually low-end fabrics, small in size and light in weight. It is usually pure knit and made using the weft method, which has little or no torque. It can be any kind of fabric but is mostly made of polyester and lycra. This hacci knitting method is relatively new in the fabric industry. 

If you open a clothing store, buying clothes from hacci fabric wholesalers can be a very lucrative idea for your business. Read on to find out why this fabric is so popular with consumers.

Wide range of uses 

This type of fabric is versatile in nature, which means it can be used to make a variety of wearables, including sweaters. These knits have a loop and open knit qualities compared to standard cotton knits. These are usually constructed from a combination of cotton and spandex, wool, or polyester.

Soft texture

The fabric is soft and similar to cotton. Polyester or rayon knit feels similar to cashmere. Even customers who prefer natural fabrics prefer to use wearable hacci fabrics. Sweaters and other garments made from hacci are soft on the skin and provide greater comfort to the wearer. It is even ideal for children and toddlers with sensitive and fragile skin.

Low cost 

Although it is very similar to cotton in many ways, such as texture and utility, it costs a fraction of the cost. If you buy this fabric from a wholesaler supplier, you can further reduce your purchasing costs as discounted prices are offered to customers who are ready to buy in bulk.

Resistant wrinkles

It's a wrinkle-resistant fabric that's amazing to wear for long periods of time. It can be sewn like normal knitting. Garments made from this fabric can drape over the body in a fluid fashion. Clothes made from wrinkle-resistant fabrics are great for long wear.

The above introduces the advantages of hacci fabrics, if you want to buy hacci fabrics, please contact us.

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