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The Difference Between Polar Fleece Fabric and Woolen Fabric

The Difference Between Polar Fleece Fabric and Woolen Fabric

Aug 2,2022
The polar fleece fabric is a small ingot knitted structure, which is woven on a large circular knitting machine. After being woven, the grey fabric is first dyed and then processed by various complex finishing processes such as brushing, carding, shearing, and polarizing. The front of the fabric is brushed and shaken. The grains are fluffy and dense, but not easy to lose hair and pilling. The backside is sparse and well-proportioned, the fluff is short, the texture of the tissue is clear, and the fluffy elasticity is very good.

It is the first choice for domestic winter protection in the past two years.

In the weaving process of polar fleece, spandex can be added (up to 5%), T/R polar fleece, and the technology needs to be further improved.

Special treatment on the fabric, for example, adding antistatic additives, anti-flame retardant additives, infrared additives, and so on. For some special polar fleeces, for example, antistatic fibers are added to the fabric during the weaving process, and there are not many polar fleeces with such fibers in the domestic market.

Composite polar fleece and double-sided polar fleece

The composite polar fleece is made of two kinds of the polar fleece of the same quality or different, which are processed by a composite machine and bonded together. Double-sided polar fleece is the polar fleece that has been pilled on both sides. The price is generally relatively high for the composite polar fleece.

But for general blankets, there is more composite polar fleece, but some guests need two kinds of polar fleece of the same quality to be sewn together and do not need to be composited, but it is not very convenient to wash. In addition, there are more polar fleece long fibers generally used for blankets.

Polar Fleece and woolen

The polar fleece has a softer hand and has obvious particles, while the woolen material generally contains wool, and under normal circumstances, it has a harder hand.

Generally, good woolen fabrics are soft and clean, with a smooth and oily feeling; and they can also be divided into many types: for example pure wool woolen and chemical fiber woolen, there are obvious differences in appearance: the color of pure wool is soft and shiny, while The chemical fiber has a darker luster; the pure wool feels soft, while the chemical fiber is stiff and not soft; the pure wool has good elasticity and good recovery, while the chemical fiber has obvious creases after tightening and relaxing.

The above briefly introduces the difference between polar fleece fabrics and woolen fabrics. If you want to buy polar fleece fabrics, please contact us.

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