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The Composition and Classification of Polar Fleece Fabric

The Composition and Classification of Polar Fleece Fabric

Jul 25,2022
Polar fleece is a kind of knitted fabric. It was first produced in Taiwan in the early 1990s. It is a small ingot knitted structure and is woven on a large circular machine. It is processed by a variety of complex finishing processes such as polar particles. The front side of the fabric is brushed, the fleece is fluffy and dense, and it is not easy to lose lint and pilling. Its ingredients are generally all-polyester and soft to the touch.

Polar fleece fabric is the first choice for domestic winter protection in the past two years. In addition, the fleece can also be compounded with all fabrics to make the effect of keeping out the cold better. For example, polar fleece and denim are compounded, polar fleece and lamb fleece are compounded, and polar fleece and mesh fabric are compounded with a waterproof and breathable film in the middle.

Classify polar fleece

Polar fleece can be divided into plain and printed. Plain fleece can be divided into Drop-needle polar fleece, embossed polar fleece, and jacquard according to individual requirements. Polar fleece (jacquard polar fleece) and so on.

Main ingredient

Polar fleece: generally polyester (100% polyester).

According to the specifications of polyester, it is subdivided into long fiber (filament), short fiber (spun), and micro-polar fleece.

Among them, the ultra-fine quality is the best and the price is the highest! In addition, there is also Drop-needle polar fleece, which also accounts for a larger proportion.

Polar fleece is divided into long fiber and short fiber:

Short fiber polar fleece is slightly more expensive than long fiber polar fleece.

Staple fiber polar fleece is generally woven from 32S polyester yarn, which is 100% polyester spun polar fleece, of which hemp gray polar fleece is also short fiber polar fleece.

Long-fiber polar fleece is generally woven from polyester filament, and can be woven from polyester 150D96F, 150D48F, 150D144F, 150D288F, 75D72F, 75D144F, 100D144F, 100D288F, etc. In general, the higher the F value, the better the hand feeling of the fabric, and the higher the price of polar fleece. For example, 100D144F, 150D144F, and other polar fleece already belong to ultra-fine fleece.

Long-fiber polar fleece can be divided into low-stretch silk polar fleece (DTY) and bright silk (FDY). The width of the door is generally 60 inches, and the weight is generally between 150-450 grams. Under normal circumstances, most of the long-fiber fleece is used to make blankets.

Polar fleece can be used as clothes, and the price ranges from 300 to 2000 RMB. In addition, the fleece can be used as bedding, carpets, coats, jackets, vests, windbreakers, cheerleader logos, fleece gloves, scarves, hats, pillows, cushions, etc.

The above briefly introduces the composition and classification of polar fleece. If you want to buy polar fleece fabrics, please contact us.

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