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What is Polyester Fabric?

What is Polyester Fabric?

Jul 18,2022
There are a variety of fashion fabrics on the market, all with their own history, properties, and uses. Whether it's denim, crepe, chiffon, or poplin, you'll find fabrics for your sewing project.

Many fabrics fall into two categories, natural and synthetic. Synthetic fabrics are not obtained from natural sources. One such popular synthetic fabric is polyester.

What is the polyester fabric?

Polyester fabrics are one of the most popular textile fabrics in the world and are used in numerous consumer and industrial applications. It is a synthetic fabric popular for its high durability and cost-effective production.

Different types of polyester fabrics were first introduced by British chemists and introduced to the market in 1940 by the American company DuPont. The polyester fabric became popular in the 1970s as an inexpensive fabric for suits and other sewing projects. 

Various types of polyester fabrics and polyester blends are considered the most popular man-made fabrics in the world.

Some types of polyester are biodegradable, but most are not. The polyester fabric is resistant to environmental conditions, making it ideal for outdoor clothing. Polyester is made from polymers obtained from coal, water, oil, and air.

Polyester is one of the most used and produced fabrics in the world. It's hard to find any garments that don't contain polyester blends. Just like natural fibers, garments containing polyester can melt at high temperatures.

5 waterproof polyester fabrics you should know

Polyester is a waterproof fabric. Its individual fibers are waterproof, and when woven together, they can soak up water. A fabric is said to be 100% waterproof when it is able to retain moisture on the surface. 

Polyester is one such fabric that is waterproof and keeps you and your phone dry. Different threads are used to make waterproof polyester fabrics.

To make waterproof polyester fabric, different methods are used to increase its tightness. Denier and coating are some popular methods.

Just like other fabrics, waterproof polyester fabrics can be used for many applications. Here are some popular applications for waterproof polyester fabrics:



Shower curtain



Outdoor furniture supplies


Polyurethane laminate fabrics consist of laminated layers on top of thin polyester. Laminates can be glued or fused to it. Sports gear, upholstery, and shower curtains are made of PUL fabrics.

PVC coated cloth

This fabric is 100% waterproof. This fabric is treated with polyvinyl chloride and vinyl chloride on the back of the polyester fabric as it is a bit stiff. This waterproof polyester fabric is helpful for luggage, raincoats, and banners.

Nylon and polyester blend fabric

Nylon and polyester blend fabrics are not 100% waterproof, but they are, thanks to their tight weave pattern. They are less breathable than any laminated polyester fabric used to make umbrellas.

Polyester fleece

Polyester fleece is another waterproof fabric. It's not waterproof polyester until you mix up some sprays. Polyester wool is often used to make cloth diapers.

Thermoplastic polyurethane

TPU is known as thermoplastic polyurethane fabric. It is similar to PUL but consists of a polyurethane film combined with polyester fabric. 

TPU is softer, UV resistant, flexible, and less durable than PUL. It is used to make life jackets, tarp diapers, and outerwear.

In conclusion

Polyester is a popular synthetic fabric that accounts for about 55% of all fiber demand. It is used to make household items, clothes, and many industrial fabrics.

The demand for polyester fabrics is increasing due to their affordable price, versatility, and increasing usage. If you want to buy polyester fabric, welcome to contact us.

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